Seasonal Color Analysis Online
Laura K StatusKor World What’s Seasonal Color Analysis and How to do 100% Online

What’s Seasonal Color Analysis and How to do 100% Online

Seasonal Color Analysis Online

Seasonal Color Analysis: the best fashion tool for your life.


The Seasonal Color Analysis is one of the biggest secrets of the best world fashionists. Through it, you discover your Season Palette, which will help you to never go wrong in the tones of clothes and makeup. To discover your Season and get access to a new world of possibilities with the tones that not only look good on you, but that beautify you. The ideal tones of your Season palette, discovered through Color Analysis, have the power to enhance your skin tone, hair, the shine of your eyes, and to soften dark circles and other imperfections, whether through clothes, shoes, accessories and products of makeup, or even through decoration. Who doesn’t want to wake up with a bed set that beautify us by the morning?

What is Seasonal Color Analysis: also known as Colorimetry, Seasonal Color Analysis is the study of the natural tones of our body: color analysis of the eyes, skin and hair. From the study of saturation, temperature, contrast and its chromatic season, it is possible to have a color palette with all the ideal tones for you to dress, as well as make up and, for the most demanding, even for your home decor.

What is the Chromatic Circle: formed by 12 colors (3 primary, 3 secondary and 6 tertiary), this tool is used to compose color illustrations, being a quick guide for identifying complementary, analogous, semi-complementary colors and other possible harmonic combinations. What is the Chromatic Season: by the Expanded Seasonal Method, the most complex and detailed existing today, we have 12 substations within the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter), differentiated mainly by their warm colors and cold colors. One of these will be the result you will get when performing this Seasonal Color Analysis service. Your Chromatic Season is the representation of your ideal palette of tones. Análise Cromática Online por Laura Kassab

Where to find the 100% Online service and who does it (ME!)

The company Status Kor, of Laura K’s Group, has the first and only Personal Seasonal Color Analysis methodology 100% Online and with the results applied for visualization. Pioneer in Brazil and in the world. This is possible due to the ten years of the creator of the method – Laura Kassab- working as an Art Director, doing color analysis for big publicity projects.

While most fashion consultants can only perform Seasonal Color Analysis in person, Laura Kassab, Fashion Consultant and also Art Director, besides being a reference in Fashion in Brazil for 13 years and always participating in international Fashion Weeks, also is a professional in the field of graphic art, with know-how in the artistic conception of audiovisual and design products. The union of its experience and its skills, allowed to make possible, through long-term studies carried out in both subjects, the creation of its Exclusive and 100% Online Methodology, using the expanded seasonal format and without the need to the client has any kit or equipment for the realization. The study of colors is complex, but Laura makes it easy for a fair and accessible value, with the aim of placing this facility in the hands of all Brazilians, and also of the international public, as customers of: Portugal, Germany, England, among others. A study that is valid for the entire life of each person and, for the first time, with the results applied, presented in a PDF for viewing the color palette and its ideal tones for clothing, make-up, hair coloring, enamels and even contact lenses. contact. This material is available due to the knowledge of Art Direction combined with the knowledge of Fashion that Laura achieved in more than a decade of study and profession.

Why to do your Seasonal Color Analysis with Laura Kassab: Art Director for 9 years and Fashion Consultant for 11, having worked for major advertising and fashion companies, such as  Tufi Duek, Farm and Calvin Klein Italian, Laura decided to use her two skills in both journeys to help other people to have this magic tool in hand and to optimize lives. Laura believes that life has the color that we give to it. Ahead of 3 companies today, she knows that among so many decisions made on a daily basis, having a smart closet, with pieces that value, provides more time to live other experiences, with more quality of life and self-esteem. One of the best profiles about Personal Coloring on Pinterest: Laura Kassab has an average of more than 1 million monthly searches, being a reference on the subject. In addition, it addresses the subject in its content on other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube.

Request your Personal Color Analysis 100% Online

Personal Color Analysis is the best fashion tool for your life.

Having your Seasonal Color Palette in hands, you will have the power to never make mistakes again when buying clothes and makeup, having access to a new world of possibilities with the tones that not only look good on you, but that embellish you, valuing its skin tones, hair and eyes, smoothing dark circles and other imperfections. In addition, you can ask for tips on how to best sell the stopped parts in your closet. SERVICE DESCRIPTION The service is completely online, being possible to be made from any city in the world. The client does not need to have any instrument or kit in any of the analysis steps. The method used is the Seasonal Expanded, the most complete existing. Through Seasonal Color Analysis, you will receive a personalized color palette of all the shades that enhance your image, and those that can ruin your entire look. Professional in the fashion and Art Direction world for more than 11 years, Laura Kassab decided to take her knowledge and one of her biggest secrets to dress well for readers and everyone who wants to have a practical and smart wardrobe with the ideal pieces. • Did you buy a dress with beautiful colors, but you couldn’t get it out of the closet? • Do you wear t-shirts / shirts every day, but few dress you well? • Did you buy those jeans that don’t favor you? • Do you always buy new lipsticks, but you don’t feel good using them? Invest in yourself and never miss the colors and prints of the looks again. Buy now and guarantee outfits that make you even more beautiful! You will receive: • Chromatic Season Result • Full digital palette of the best colors for you to wear • Full digital palette of the worst colors for you to wear • Full digital palette with your ideal lipstick tones • Full digital palette with your ideal blush tones • Full digital palette with your ideal eyeliners tones • Full digital palette with your ideal eye shadow tones • Full digital palette of the ideal hair tones for your season • Full digital palette of your ideal shades for contact lenses * REQUEST NOW AND GET 1 MONTH OF FREE CONSULTING (valid only from April to September 2020) XOXO, Laura K.


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